Project Category : Garage Epoxy Flooring

Project Location : Bainbridge Island

Company Name : Swickard Residence

Your Bainbridge Island garage floor will be dust-free, easy to clean, and stunning. Epoxy garage flooring is the solution to give these great results!

At Island Epoxy Flooring we use only high-performance epoxy flooring systems. These are designed to be durable and repel chipping, harsh chemicals, cracking, tire marking, staining.

The performance of your floor, whether in a home garage or a mechanic service shop is equally important. Garage flooring should head off unnecessary maintenance, dusting, slip and fall incidents, and protect your concrete floors.

Island Epoxy Flooring systems are great not only for Bainbridge Island residential garages but also for mechanical service shops and parking garage complexes. Choose between a custom blend flake finish, solid color epoxy, or a metallic epoxy finish.