Looking to update your garage flooring? The professionals at Island Epoxy Flooring are here to assist . With years of experience and knowledge, we will make your visions a reality. Our company is committed to bringing you a special flooring at a reasonable cost. We are able to serve Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County.
Garages are becoming more than just an area to park your car, why not give it a professional look. Garage epoxy floors are an excellent option to give your space a sleek look as well as a durable and resilient finish. Garages are often an area of havoc, and epoxy floors can prevent damage like cracking, chipping, and marking . it’s easily maintained so you’ll keep your garage looking great.
Types of garage floor epoxy

There are many varieties of garage floor epoxy to fit your needs. Whether you’re trying to find something practical for your workspace or need a glossy showroom floor, we’ve the fit you.
Garage floor epoxy may be a good way to revamp your space or simply to ensure safety in your garage depending on your needs. With the various designs and coating options, we will find the floor for you.
Common sorts of garage floor epoxy include:
Decorative Flake Epoxy
Decorative flake epoxy is another commonly used garage floor coating. This concrete coating is robust and prolongs the lifetime of your concrete floor. it’s as functional as it is gorgeous . There are many colors to choose from to create your space your own. This functional flooring may be a great fit for garages since it’s slip-resistant and simple to wash .

Metallic Epoxy
Metallic epoxy floors are a really durable material which will withstand the workings of a garage. These floors are stain-resistant and straightforward to wash . this kind of flooring gives you the choice to feature a little flair to your workspace. Designs inspired by nature or a unique metallic swirl finished with a high gloss is certain to form your garage showroom quality.

Standard Epoxy
Standard garage floor epoxy is a very durable coating that’s wear-resistant also as chemical-resistant. This flooring can upgrade the design of your concrete floors as well as hide minor imperfections and be resilient to tire marks. This coating also can be personalized with many colors and finishing options.